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This is the Edition template from CloudCannon. Edition is perfect for documenting your product, application or service. It’s populated with example content to give you some ideas.

ChatApp is a fictional chat application for sending messages and media to others. Teams and friend groups would use ChatApp to stay up to date if it existed.

Sign up or learn more about ChatApp at example.com.

Getting Started

Getting a message sent is quick and easy with ChatApp:

  1. Sign up for an account
  2. Add your friends from their email addresses
  3. Type a message or send a photo

Feel free to send us a message at feedback@example.com with your feedback.


Explore more of ChatApp by reading about our features:


Send images, videos and other media to people. Sources include your computer, phone and Facebook.

Contact Syncing

Sync your contact list with your phone and/or Facebook contacts. Never lose your contacts between devices again!


ChatApp is available everywhere. Find out how to set it up on your all your devices.